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The Snake River Region is a division of the national Sports Club Car of America (SCCA) organization with more than 55,000 members. SCCA was founded in 1944 as a club for amateur sports car enthusiasts, whose interests have expanded over the years to include a wide variety of amateur and professional motor sports related pursuits. 



The SCCA organization is geographically segmented into 112 regions with the backbone of the organization depending on its membership and volunteer participation and support. Collectively, local regions conduct more than 2000 events annually, from race-prepared cars on closed tracks, to rally car challenging unimproved back roads, to daily driver autocross racing in parking lots. SCCA is one of the premier motorsports organizations in America, with a goal to provide safe opportunities for members to pursue their love of motorsports in a safe environment.  


Open To Everyone

The local Treasure Valley Snake River Region SCCA currently has over 120 members who support the region’s autocross group. We are a volunteer, self-supporting, non-profit organization of drivers with varied skill levels, who are focused on safety, education, and sharing a love for motorsports and autocross racing. All drivers are welcome and there is a support network in place to foster the education of new drivers, helping them to achieve their goals, whether they are specific, or if they are just coming out to have fun and challenge their competitive spirit. We hope to see you out on the asphalt, and welcome you to come be a part of our membership!

More than just a sports car club


Our Courses

Special Events

Monthly Races

Our driving courses change at every event. Unlike track racing, you won't get hundreds of laps to learn every corner.  The challenge is to rely on your basic skill as a driver to navigate the course faster than your competition!


Monthly Races

Special Events

Monthly Races

Our events are open to experts and beginners alike. Check out our event calendar for more details, sign up, or show up to watch and ride along with someone to see what it's all about!


Special Events

Special Events

Special Events

Each year, the SRRSCCA has a special event to raise money for a charity.  We also host events for other local sports car clubs.  Contact us if you'd like to learn more!

2017 Highlights

Get a taste of some of the action that's happening on our courses!

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